Expencive Porno Movie Now Shipping!

The latest surf movie from Tin Ojeda, maker of Daughter surf movie,  is now available! Expencive Porno Movie is a 45 minute experimental film shot entirely on Super 16mm. It features some epic surfing from the likes of Alex Knost, Dane Peterson, Kassia Meador, JJ Wessels, Justin Adams, Jared Mell, Ryan Burch and more! Hows the epic shot of JJ Wessels car on the cover taken at our local Doheny surf break. There’s a ton of killer, clean footage in this new surf movie called Expencive Porno Movie. Don’t miss out on this new one!

Vans’ Get-N-Classic Volume 3 Premiere at Vans by Thalia Surf Shop

Get-N-Classic 3 premieres this Thursday at Vans by Thalia Surf

Join us this Thursday, September 4th for the premiere of the Vans' Get-N-Classic Volume 3 here at Vans by Thalia Surf Shop [adjacent to Thalia Surf] in Laguna Beach, CA. The film starts at 7:30pm and is open to everyone! The new installment of the … [Continue reading]